Pregnancy C Pillow For Your Best Support

Pregnancy C Pillow

Pregnancy C Pillow is great to be used during pregnancy as it has a gentle feel and gives great support to the body. If you have to sleep on one side only, then this pillow will be of great help to you. 

Pregnancy C Pillow

Pregnancy C Pillow – The Advantages Of Having This Pillow

This Pregnancy Pillow comes with many designs, colors and print options. You will get sound sleep with its help as you can place your head on the top end of the pillow which in return brings relief to your neck and shoulders.

Pregnancy C Pillow

You can put the lower end of the pillow between your legs for more support and the middle end of the pillow goes around your back to help support your vertebrae. It will prevent you from having pain and relieves pressure from your spine.

Pregnancy C Pillow

Pregnancy C Pillow As A Feeding Pillow

This pillow is designed to provide single side body support but if you want to shift to the other side, then you will have to turn the pillow around. In fact, it is not only for pregnancy purpose but can also be used as a feeding pillow.

Pregnancy C Pillow



This Pregnancy C Pillow contains 1 Pillow and 1 Detachable Zippered Pillow Cover. The PregnoCare fillings are Hypoallergenic, Non Reflexive and Null Pressure. The cover is made of fine Cotton fabric.

Pregnancy C Pillow

The dimensions are as follows:

  • Outer Circumference is 120 inches/ 305 cms.
  • Length is 90 in/ 229 cms
  • Width is 45 in/115 cms
  • Height is 8.5 in/ 22 cms
  • Weight – 3.5 kgs


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